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Chiropractic Services


Chiropractic treatment is a set of one-on-one hands-on techniques aimed to relieve lower back pain and neck tension as well as other soft tissue issues. SafeSpace chiropractors went through advanced training and have a lot of experience to make a customized treatment plan especially for you:

  • Enjoy friendly and healing atmosphere;
  • Experience various combination of treatments;
  • Recover fastly from sports-related or not sports-related injuries.

From your very first call our team will make its best to help you manage pain and heal the root cause of your injury. Chiropractic treatment doesn’t include drugs or unwanted rough invasions. It is a set of natural therapeutic methodics that will make you feel better as soon as possible.

Treatment for Back Pain

Treatment for Back Pain

It is true that our spine is a root of our health and well-being. We believe that the brain regulates every process in our body and it gives signals through the backbone. If you feel back pain this means that brain signals will come to their destination corrupted and spoiled. Start your chiropractic treatment in SafeSpace to: Forget about back pain and stiffness; Experience warm and relaxing atmosphere; Develop independence to continue training at home. Sometimes when treating back pain chiropractic can be not enough. That is why our specialists work together in a well-balanced working environment. If for some reason one treatment won’t be helpful we will change a specialist and we will be with you until your injury will be cured.

Welcome to Palo Alto

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Welcome to Palo Alto

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What else do we treat?

Chiropractic care can be the solution of many problems such as:

Joint and muscle pain (back, neck, knees, hips, etc.)

Sprains and strains;

Pregnancy-induced spinal pain;

Sports/Work-related injuries;

Plantar Fasciitis;

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;

And much more.

SafeSpace will take care of you and support each your step during rehabilitation so you will go back to your normal life as soon as possible.


Once you enter the Safe Space clinic, you’re in good hands


We can to achieve the solution and bring back comfort to your life


Our three-way approach: being both patient-oriented and keeping an open mind

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