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Our Mission

We at Safe Space believe that nobody should live with pain or life-altering discomfort. There are no excuses to tolerate it on a day-to-day-basis and delay the essential treatment or help. Centuries of medical practice were focused on pain relief and there are dozens of ways to achieve it.

Some people require nothing more than assistance, others need serious treatment and the most professional approach. But everyone needs their own Safe Space. 

Whether the cause for your pain is a trauma, a chronic disease or a mental health issue — we’ll do everything we can to achieve the solution and bring back comfort to your life.

Our Approach

Over 15 years of successfully helping the residents of Toronto to counter a whole spectrum of issues makes us believe that we have the right three-way approach: being both patient-oriented and keeping an open mind, while relying on modern medicine and its achievements. We put your comfort and quality of life first, and offer a broad set of time-tested services to solve the issue.

We combine holistic practices and acupuncture with the latest HealthTech solutions, and thousands of our thankful patients over the last two decades prove that it works. 

Our Team

Rest assured that once you enter the Safe Space clinic, you’re in good hands. We have a team of professionals with utmost training, all the skills and certifications to help you. 

Our chiropractors, acupuncture practitioners, nutritionists and home healthcare experts are here with a simple mission: to identify and eliminate the problems that make your life worse than it could — and should — actually be. 

We know that surprisingly many, but still — not all problems can be solved with acupuncture or a professional massage therapy. For many, pain and suffering come from the mental health realm. These issues require no less attention and an even more tender approach. We have certified gestalt therapy, somatic therapy, couple therapy, EMDR, CBT and ART therapy experts, ready to take on every challenge and carefully help you overcome the problems.

Logo History

While designing our logo, we got inspiration from the ancient Chinese concept of Yin Yang. A meaningful symbol that typifies balance and harmony, is based on the idea that everything contradictory is indeed complementary. A black and white circle divided by the S curve is consist of 2 equal sides that fulfill each other and carry some part from the other.

While Yin (black) indicates darkness and shadow, Yang(white) typifies brightness and sun. However, in the brightest time of the sun, there is still some part of darkness in it. 

Inspired by the depth of Chinese philosophy, the Safe Space logo indicates the tough and smooth paths of your life, your ups and downs, your injuries, and your recoveries. It symbolizes the complementary embracement of both sides that make you who you are. We believe that every dark yesterday has a bright tomorrow, and we are devoted to building a healthier, stronger, and brighter tomorrow for you and with you. 

Our fundamental inspiration reunited with our passion and that is how it all was made up.