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Sprains :

Sprains :

A sprain is a ligament injury that happens when a bone or joint is subjected to rapid force. While stretched ligament is accounted to be a minor sprain, torn or ruptured ligament is accounted to be a severe sprain.



A fracture is a broken bone that frequently results from damage from a fall or accident. It can be easily identified due to the severe pain caused.



A strain or so-called “pulled” muscle is a muscular tear, which occurs due to rapid stretching or severe contraction. Whereas total rupture of the muscle is accounted to be a severe strain, minimal harmed muscle is accounted to be a minor strain.



A concussion is severe brain damage brought on by a blow to the skull. A concussion can cause: -Mental confusion -Memory loss -Dizziness -Headache -Vomiting -Sensitivity to light -Balance problems

Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are injuries caused by repetitive pushes on your ligaments, bones, and joints. These injuries can be caused by:

-poor body alignment

-wrong techniques 


These damages can occur on various parts of the body (such as the head, elbow, knee, ankle, shoulder, etc) and can be exposed to different forms of therapies based on the type of injury.

Our team of multidisciplinary practitioners will determine precise damage and eliminate the root cause of it so you can get back on your active track once again. We are committed to building long-term results rather than eliminating your inconveniences temporarily. After detailed examination experts will provide you with a fail-proof treatment plan. Your course of treatment can consist of one therapy or might be a combination of diverse therapies if it is needed. Our educative approach will help you to learn tips for avoiding sports-related injuries and sustaining long-term mobility in the future.

We know that for some of you sport is more than just a passion, and sports injuries might be hard experiences to handle, due to which we never undermine your psychological health. Hence, in our comprehensive treatment courses mental and physical therapies can be combined.


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