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Before starting the rehabilitation process, specialists evaluate the general well-being of the body as well as document the injuries observed. Thus, they structure customized treatment methods based on the type of injury. Specific conditions may include both physical and mental inconveniences.

Besides whiplash, which is the most common post-accident trauma, there are various types of other possible physical damages. Car accidents may also harm tendons, muscles, and ligaments, which are considered to be soft tissue injuries.

Physical consequences of the accident might be:

Physical consequences of the accident might be:

-Knee and wrist injuries -Sprains -Chronic muscle injuries -Fractures -Concussions -Tendonitis

Motor Vehicle Accidents can have psychological effects as well.
Motor Vehicle Accidents can have psychological effects as well.

Motor Vehicle Accidents can have psychological effects as well.

Post-accident mental inconveniences include: -Depression -Multiple phobias -Anxiety -Isolation -PTSD

Physical and psychological treatments can be provided separately or can be combined based on the conditions of the individual. Rehabilitation can include massage, acupuncture, or any other type of treatment. 

Safe Space with its team of experience-backed specialists establishes precise diagnosis considering your individual factors and provides quick and efficient recovery in the shortest time possible. 

During your postural physical therapies, we take into account your psychological well-being to prevent any possible post-traumatic mental disorders. Our target is to take you from initial injury to full mobility in both aspects, physically and mentally. Thereby, we aim to build a healthy mind in a healthy body. We can assure, you that in the end, you will feel like a winner, rather than a victim of the story!


SafeSpace treatment after a car accident helps with:

Musculoskeletal conditions;

Illnesses that affect lifestyle and performance;

• Concussions;

• Whiplash disorders;

• Sprains;

• Fractures;

• Chronic muscle injuries;

• Tendonitis;

• Osteoarthritis;

• Fractures;

• Joints and tendons pain;

And much more…

SafeSpace will take care of you and support each your step during your rehabilitation so you will improve your psychological and physical condition and go back to normal life with maximum performance as soon as possible.

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