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Customized treatment plans, prescribed and led by professionals, target to remove inconveniences from your life while taking your body back to the “normal”. Treatment duration is customized and differs based on the severity of your case and several more factors.

Physiotherapy can be used in the treatment of numerous conditions that may include injuries, chronic diseases, and congenital malformations:

• Sports injuries

• Arthritis

• Chronic diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis, obesity

• Spinal injury

• Post-broken bone recovery

• Back and knee pain

• Sclerosis

• Post-surgery rehabilitation

And many more

Physical therapists of Safe Space are experts in mobility and are ready to assist you in regaining your physical performance in the shortest time possible. During one-to-one therapies accompanied by licensed specialists, you will get a chance to learn more about your body, so you can take care of it independently and prevent possible injuries in the future. 

Moreover, our educative approach will assist you in building an active and quality lifestyle, making activities a regular part of your day. 

We will make sure that not only your inconveniences are eliminated, but also your body is improved, your mobility is returned, and your life is active as never before. 

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