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• We form the right ration and healthy eating habits in patients;

• We take a comprehensive and integrative approach to solving the problem and when developing a diet, we take into account as many factors as possible, from age to lifestyle;

• We detect deficiency or excess of minerals or other substances, as well as prevent obesity and problems associated with it.

There are dozens of nutrition theories and advice online. It is risky to follow unverified information. If you are looking for improvement in your life it is better to call SafeSpace and receive a free appointment which will help you to find the best nutrition for you.

Sports Nutritionist

Sports Nutritionist

Sports Nutritionists are probably the most popular. They can be hired for individual athletes or for whole teams to: • Enhance athletes performance; • Create individual diet to speed up recovery after injury; • Help to weight fast if it is required. SafeSpace Sports Nutritionists have a deeper breadth of knowledge in their special narrow area and they went through additional training.

Renal or Nephrology Nutritionist

Renal or Nephrology Nutritionist

Special nutrition is crucial for patients who already have some stomach problems. SafeSpace Nephrology Nutritionist is here to help those who have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Our specialists are qualified to conduct medical nutrition therapy which: • Treats malnutrition; • Delays chronic kidney disease; • Improves overall quality of life and prevents stomach pain. Renal nutritionists have special certificates and usually work in the hospitals or individually.

Pediatric Nutritionist

Pediatric Nutritionist

We all know that as we grow up, our taste preferences change. Many even suddenly become allergic to certain products, although this was not the case before. Pediatric Nutritionist takes care of: • Infants nutrition; • Children nutrition; • Adolescent nutrition. Timely and correct preparation of an individual nutrition plan will help to avoid many problems in the future, from excess weight to problems with the psychological state.


SafeSpace Nutritionist treatment helps with:

Stomach pain;

Allergy on some food or intolerance;

• Irregular bowel movements;

• Acid reflux;

• Uncontrollable hunger;

• Heartburn;

• Regulating high cholesterol levels;

• Inability to lose weight;

• Overeating;

• High stress levels;

And much more…

SafeSpace will take care of you and support each your step during your rehabilitation so you will improve your psychological and physical condition and go back to normal life as soon as possible.

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