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Moreover, it can be prescribed for the treatment of a range of severe diseases and help with:



-heart diseases


-acid reflux


-high cholesterol level

- and many more 

Healthy eating habits will affect your psychological health as much as your physical. They indeed help to cope with stress or anxiety, and improve concentration, while helping us to think clearly.

With the assistance of our licensed experts, you will better understand the language of your body and will be able to get a healthy diet matching your conditions. Before providing you with a proper nourishment program, our nutritionists will evaluate core factors such as age, gender, sleep quality, hormonal balance, lifestyle, and degree of physical activity. After investigating your medical history, the certified specialist will prescribe you an individualized ration and will supervise you in further application of it.

Our nutrition programs aim to achieve one single goal: to provide you with a healthy lifestyle rather than a restrictive diet. Safe Space goes well beyond your expectations to prove that your body can feel much better than ever before.

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