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Here are some of the benefits of massage therapy:

• improves sleep

• loosens tight muscles

• reduces stress and anxiety 

• lessens pain

• improves flexibility 

• improves mental alertness

• relieves cancer pain

Along with its remarkable impact on pain and stress relief, massage therapy helps to cope with numerous conditions such as:

• fibromyalgia

• depression

• digestive disorder

• sport injuries

• anxiety

• pregnancy-induced spinal pain

• arthritis

• frozen shoulder

• headaches or migraines

• joints and muscle pain (back, neck, knee, hips, etc)

• multiple congenital ailments

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is a special treatment massage that includes various techniques. Depending on your condition it can be gentle and relaxing or tense and deep. It is mostly used to speed up the healing process and prevent postoperative complications. • Helps in treating and stretching immobile knotted muscles; • Enhances and improves physical function; • Reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation. As it is noted in the official FOMTRAC report 20% of the total Canadian population aged 12 and more reported that they used some form of alternative healthcare. And 8% of this group have tried massage therapy, reporting it was a useful and pain relieving experience.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage at SafeSpace can be the best way to spend your Friday after a stressful week. Our specialists carefully warm up and massage your tense muscles giving you pain relief and full body relaxation. Such Massage Therapy: • Improves blood flow; • Reduce stress and relax your muscles; • Gives you better sleep, normalizes your level of energy and restores vitality. SafeSpace therapists may combine different massage techniques to deepen your relaxation. They can include Swedish massage or even add acupuncture. If you trust our specialists you will never regret it.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage has a long history. This technique has been used for almost one hundred years. Lymphatic system regulates water and liquid flow in our body. If for some reason it gots hurt or blocked this may result in water accumulation and swelling or even more serious condition. If you start your Lymphatic Drainage Massage therapy today you can expect: • Better skin condition; • Deep detoxification, normalized metabolism and healthy sleep; • Increased tissue regeneration which will help you recover in no time. Massage Therapists at SafeSpace know more than twenty different methods of massages and relaxation techniques. They are qualified to determine what your problem is and cure it as soon as possible.

When Is It Time To Start Massage Therapy?

Besides reducing stress and increasing relaxation, massage also promotes better body functionality by boosting both the immunity system and blood circulation. 

As with any other therapy, massage therapy also has a wide range of techniques and types such as:

• Sports massage

• Aromatherapy massage 

• Hot stone massage

• Prenatal massage

• Trigger point massage


At Safe Space, you will find a wide variety of massages that come in all shapes and sizes. Those  techniques can also be combined to match your particular needs.

Before massage therapy, the licensed expert will evaluate your medical history and consider your individual concerns. Your massage treatment plan will be built based on your background and current condition.

Our diligent approach and deep knowledge will eliminate your inconveniences for good and return your healthy body in the shortest time possible.

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