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• SafeSpace Specialists devote much more time to the patient than during group or other therapies and help to thoroughly understand the problem that is bothering them;

• During Individual psychotherapy, the specialist immediately notes a positive trend or, conversely, no result. This helps to correct the treatment in a timely manner, for example, to supplement it with the right medicine;

• You can pick time that will be the most convenient for you, with no need to adjust your own schedule, to make the treatment process as comfortable as possible.

Individual therapy is not as popular as it was sometime ago. However it is still extremely effective. It uses countless approaches to find the right key to a client's heart and cure their soul.

4 steps of Psychoanalytic Treatment

In individual psychotherapy there are several stages:

1. Getting to know each other with a therapists, getting information;

2. Accepting your problems, probably sharing them with others (sometimes psychotherapists can include group sessions in individual therapy, however, he won’t insist if you don’t want them);

3. Developing trustful relations with a therapists, paying more attention to what you do and what you are surrounded with, working through problems you discussed on the first step;

4. Going back to your normal life, practicing awareness and self-regulating exercises.

When Is It Time To Start Individual Therapy At SafeSpace?

Individual therapy can help in various mental disorders and physical conditions treatment such as:

• Anxiety;

• Depression;

• Stress;

• Emotional instability;

• Existential crisis problems;

• Low self-efficacy;

• Increased impulsiveness;

• Low self-esteem;

• Relationship problems;

And much more.

Even if you just suddenly feel uncomfortable — it is time to come to SafeSpace. We will take care of you and support each your step during rehabilitation so you will go back to your normal life as soon as possible.

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