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• We know how challenging it is to find a good Home Healthcare Services in Toronto, but we assure you that our services are the best in the area;

• Home Healthcare Services at SafeSpace are as efficient as in the hospital services and even better, since some patients feel more secure on their own territory;

• We support you not only physically, but also psychologically. You will be pleasantly surprised by how kind and gentle SafeSpace nurses are.

SafeSpace nurses and other staff are qualified specialists who have at least a nursing diploma and others have a bachelor of science in nursing, or higher.

Doctor and Nursing Care

Doctor and Nursing Care

These are the most common types of Home Healthcare Services. We aim at delivering premium quality healthcare service to help you fastly get back on your feet or to maintain high quality of life if illness or injury consequences are incurable. Here is what you can expect: A doctor set up a plan of care and treatment, depending on the patient's needs and periodically change it as the treatment goes; A nurse care may include various services from administering medications to general healthcare; Both types are aimed to help patients to fastly recover and regain control of their lives. We all find ourselves in different life situations, in some cases a trip to the hospital to see a doctor is an impossible task. It doesn’t matter why it is difficult for you to come to the hospital, whether it is your state of health or other personal reasons, the best solution is to call SafeSpace and ask for Home Healthcare Services.

Companionship and Nutritional Support
Companionship and Nutritional Support

Companionship and Nutritional Support

The official Canadian health report states that more than 800 thousands Canadians had received formal home care services in the past year (2015-2016). This shows us that Home Healthcare Services are quite in demand. COVID-19 made them even more popular. SafeSpace Companionship service is here to supervise patients who live alone. You can also ask your companion to do some household duties or he just can keep you company to make you feel more comfortable Nutritionists can also come to your home to check how your treatment plan goes or to provide dietary assessments; You can also ask for home delivered hot meals. This service is available for those who can’t prepare food on their own. SafeSpace Home Healthcare Services are not limited to simply keeping the house clean or following home care. We try to become real friends with our patients so that they feel comfortable and have fun recovering quickly. Our highly qualified therapists can also come to your home to support you: Physiotherapy Acupuncture Massage Therapy Chiropractor Do not hesitate to contact us, leave us a message or request a free appointment to see how easy and enjoyable your life can be.

What else do we treat?

Chiropractic care can be the solution of many problems such as:

• Joint and muscle pain (back, neck, knees, hips, etc.)

• Sprains and strains;

• Pregnancy-induced spinal pain;

• Sports/Work-related injuries;

• Plantar Fasciitis;

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;

And much more.

SafeSpace will take care of you and support each your step during rehabilitation so you will go back to your normal life as soon as possible.


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