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• depression

• anxiety

• insomnia

• addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs) etc.

By diminishing muscle tension as well as building emotional balance, acupuncture can help you to overcome an expanded variety of physical and mental inconveniences. 

Digestion, which is directly linked to the nervous system, benefits from acupuncture due to its capacity of reducing stress, which leads to improvement in the functionality of the digestion system.

This method can also be of great assistance in the treatment of the menstrual cycle as well as menopause. 

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Modern medical SafeSpace acupuncture specializes in stimulating specific body points and nerves. It combines traditional estern learning and modern technologies. Our therapists are skilled professionals and trained to include acupuncture as part of their comprehensive personalized treatment programs. Scientific evidence-based researches show that acupuncture is a trustworthy method that can ease types of pain that are often chronic. • Medical acupuncture aims at pain relief and blood flow enhancement; • Contemporary medical acupuncture can be used to treat various painful musculoskeletal disorders; • Medical acupuncture can be performed by our certified Physiotherapists or Chiropractors as a part of their treatments. If you have been looking for a fast pain relieving option, contemporary medical acupuncture at SafeSpace is your best choice. The session usually lasts 10-20 minutes but the results last for years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Registered Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine Registered Acupuncture

Traditional acupuncture is always referred to as Chinese acupuncture. This method has been used for centuries and has proven its utility. At SafeSpace Chinese Acupuncture certified therapists carefully blend eastern and western medicine models to deliver the best treatment possible: • Can be used to treat various conditions, even to improve mental health and to lose weight; • Absolutely safe and pain free; • Treatment may include additional procedures like relaxation techniques, soft tissue work, etc., depending on your condition. Musculoskeletal issues can gravely influence your everyday life. Do not delay in solving the problem. Just call, email us or book an appointment online. Our experts will choose the right treatment for you that will definitely help.

Additional Acupuncture Methods

Additional Acupuncture Methods

Acupuncture in SafeSpace is performed with the use of disposable sterile needles. As far as acupuncture is related to nerve stimulation with needles, you can also stimulate needles. • Electro acupuncture is a modern and a trustworthy way to fight with pain; • Shockwave needle therapy includes the use of a special tool along with needles; • Dry needling uses same techniques as acupuncture while working only with one needle; • Laser acupuncture uses low level laser therapy to stimulate acupuncture meridians and strengthen damaged cells. Acupuncture at SafeSpace can be used individually or as a part of your physiotherapy or chiropractic therapy. It does not matter which type of acupuncture you or your therapist will choose, the only thing that matters is that your problem will be solved.

Acupuncture is commonly recommended for the following conditions:

• Headaches or migraines

• Cystitis

• Joint and muscle pain ( back, neck, knees, hips, etc.)

• Inflammatory impairments

• Sports/Work-related injuries

• Pregnancy-induced spinal pain

• Postoperative stiffness and lack of mobility 

• Asthma

And much more.

Before the acupuncture session, your individual factors and medical history will be considered. 

The duration of your needle treatment will vary based on the severity of your case and might be combined with physiotherapy or chiropractic therapy if it is needed. 

Safe Space is ready to prove to you that needles in hands of trustworthy acupuncturists can create  miracles. We are ready to replace your pain with energy and stress with more relaxation.

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